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Kazura Hair - Frequently Asked Questions

Kazura Hair

I want to boast a full weave. How much hair do I need?
Normally you would need 2 packs of hair, but with 3 you are sure to get a full, show-stopping look. In case you have leftover hair, you can use it some other time. For tracks or bonded hair you only need one pack for 4-5 tracks up to 18’’ length, while you might need an additional pack if the hair is over 18’’.
What are the best hair products for weaves/extensions/clip-ins?
You should treat this hair as your own, so make sure you wash it with good quality products (shampoo and conditioner). For a soft feeling, use a leave-in conditioner that keeps the hair manageable. You can use hair spray or gel to style them, but remember to always wash away the product residue after you used hair products. You would do the same with your natural strands, right?
Help! My extensions are getting tangled! Why does this occur?
This is normal when the hair accumulates dirt, oil and product build-up, chlorine or salt water, or it has not been combed for some time (always use a wide tooth comb). For best results, you should wash and condition the hair twice a week using a conditioning product for a softening effect. Also, if you buy "Indian Remy hair," please note that it is not 100% virgin human hair, so it doesn't last as long and it gets tangled more often.
Is it really safe to style my extensions?
It is perfectly safe to straighten and curl your extensions, even when you already fitted them, but make sure you don’t overdo it, just like with your natural hair. The prolonged use of hot styling tools might dry and damage the hair, making it look singed when you really want it smoking hot.
How often can my extensions be washed and blow-dried?
Your extensions are made of human hair, so they can be washed just like your natural strands with the same shampoo and conditioner you normally use. Add a hydrating hair treatment once a week and -- if really necessary -- blow-dry them using the lowest setting, or a diffuser. Otherwise just let them air-dry; it will preserve their quality for a longer time.
What exactly does Remy hair mean?
This name is given to high-quality hair that has been sectioned and cut into its natural growing pattern, having all roots aligned and gathered together. The hair is then sewn keeping the natural cuticle direction, which will keep them detangled and shiny for a longer time.
And what is non-Remy hair?
This hair does not have aligned roots that run in the same direction, and it might have been collected off the floor of a hair salon. The non-Remy hair dries sooner than Remy hair, which causes it to become dull and matte.
What does virgin hair mean?
This is the name given to raw hair that has never been processed or chemically treated, is 100% natural, and has healthy cuticles. This hair is normally hand-picked and has the cuticles in the same direction.
I love to swim, but is it safe for my extensions?
Your extensions are fine if you swim in a pool or hot tub, but remember to wash your hair right after you finish swimming. Salty water should be avoided as it gets hair tangled and brittle. Wear your hair loose in water (not in a pony or a braid), and use a good conditioner after swimming to help detangle. Yes, you can look like a sexy siren even at the pool!
How long will my extensions last?
It only depends on how you take care of them. They normally last between 3 and 6 months, but if they don’t get damaged, they may last even longer. Remember that your extensions should be treated like your own hair, so take good care of them and enjoy them more!
I hear about clip-in hair extensions all the time. What exactly are they?
Clip-in extensions are hair wefts that can be attached to your natural hair to add sexy volume and extra length. They are quick to apply, blend in perfectly with your own hair, and are really comfortable to wear. They don’t damage your hair in any way and can be easily removed. Clip-in hair extensions are the perfect tool to completely transform your look in a few minutes!
I am tempted to color my extensions. Will I damage them in any way?
Treat your extensions as your own hair! As long as they are made of human hair you can chemically treat them as you please. It is always easier to color them in a darker shade than in a lighter one, and it is advisable that you do it in a hair salon. The result will look much better than if you color them at home.
Is it difficult to attach hair extensions to my hair?
Not at all! You will discover that clipping in your extensions is really easy and fun. Each weft comes with a small snap clip that should be attached under your hair. This method is perfectly safe and invisible.
I have short hair right now. How long should I wait before trying hair extensions?
For best results, you should wait until your hair is about 6 inches long. This length guarantees you that extensions are safely clipped for a natural look. The result will be worth the wait!
Can clip-in hair extensions damage my natural hair?
Not at all! The clipping method is really safe and does not damage your hair or scalp in any way. The process is really quick, and taking them off is even quicker. Try and see for yourself!
How much time will I spend clipping in my extensions?
Very little! It will take you around 5 minutes to clip them in and around 1-2 minutes to take them off. The more you practice, the more efficient you become!
How can I choose my extensions in the right color?
It is important to get the right color of the part that shows under your hair after the extension is attached. Roots are normally darker than the rest of the hair, but they are hidden when the extension is set. If your hair is freshly colored, a good idea would be to place the darkest shades at the bottom and clip in the lighter ones towards the top. This will give you a natural look!
Single and double wefted hair extensions. What is the difference?
The difference is in the amount of hair. The double wefted extensions are practically two hair tracks stitched together to get a fuller extension. They give you much more volume and a thicker head of hair.